Has Time Sped Up?

Has Time Sped Up?

For the last few years I’ve noticed something interesting in my own life. I truly believe that this phenomenon is something that I’ve been inately aware of, but, for whatever reason have chosen to ignore it.

Life seems to have sped up. Yes, you read that right.

Sounds crazy, right? Have you noticed it though? Has your self-imposed urgency in Facebooking, returning a phone call, responding to an email, or texting someone back increased? Mine absolutely has and I often feel compelled to “clear my plate” and “do more” as quickly as possible.

Looking back, I think I first started to notice this a few years back when I turned 40 and became consciously aware of the the logistics of average life expectancy.

Yes, time (at least my own perception of it) absolutely seems to have exponentially sped up, and with it, so has my own stress, anxiety, and frustration levels.

I can think of several possible explanations for this, but, allow me to share a far more important secret with you.

It can wait.

Other than absolute “life or death” emergencies, there is not one single thing that absolutely, positively has to be done “right now.”

Put down the smartphone. Log off the computer. Spend more time enjoying life NOW.