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  • String Theory – An Easy Explanation

    I recently had someone message me on Facebook asking me to explain string theory in simple terms. Oh boy, I love a challenge! In simple terms, string theory is a theoretical framework that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and...

  • Bigfoot – The Myth That Has Lasted Too Long…

    On August 27, 1958, a bulldozer operator for a Northern California forestry company made an unexpected discovery. Jerry Crew discovered massive, human-like footprints in the mud while clearing brush and stumps along Bluff Creek, about 300 miles north of...

Upcoming Events

all-day History Haunts and Legends Paran... @ Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center
History Haunts and Legends Paran... @ Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center
Apr 1 all-day
Yes! I will be back to speak at History Haunts and Legends in Jefferson, TX this April!  Always an informative and fun Spring event for the history buff, avid ghost hunter, and people with an interest for the unexplained and things that go bump in the night! Special guest speakers, authors, vendors, book signings, galleries, nighttime tours and investigations, and[...]



“Science is simply common sense at its best.” – Thomas Huxley