Larry Flaxman





Meet Larry Flaxman, a best-selling author and researcher dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of paranormal phenomena and exploring the thrilling fringes of “fringe” science. With ten best-selling books, including “11:11 – The Time Prompt Phenomenon,” “The Afterlife Book: Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death,” and “The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality,” Larry’s works do more than inform—they mesmerize, leaving readers captivated and eager for more.

For nearly three decades, Larry has delved deep into the mysteries of the paranormal and supernatural, skillfully merging them with cutting-edge scientific methods. One of his most innovative projects combines quantum physics with human consciousness, analyzed through real-time EEG scans—a revolutionary approach that solidifies Larry’s reputation as a true pioneer. As the founder of ARPAST, a leading paranormal research organization in the U.S., he continually challenges and expands our scientific understanding of not just reality, but the unseen world beyond.

Larry’s expertise has made him a familiar face on television, appearing on popular series such as “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel, “Portals to Hell” on the Travel Channel, “Ghost Lab” on the Discovery Channel, and “Haunted Hotels” on Fox Nation. His compelling insights also resonate on top radio shows like Coast to Coast AM and The Jeff Rense Show, while his expertise is frequently highlighted in magazines such as TAPS ParaMagazine and New Dawn Magazine. Larry’s engaging presence and profound knowledge have solidified his reputation as a highly sought-after authority in the field of paranormal research.

Beyond his supernatural pursuits, Larry founded The Bridge of Compassion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity that makes a profound impact on those in need. His compassionate endeavors extend to his unique artifact collection, available in his online store, offering history enthusiasts a tangible connection to the past.

But Larry’s passions extend beyond the enigmatic. As a fervent motor vehicle aficionado, he’s often spotted at charity events and motor exhibitions, proudly displaying his impressive collection of cars and motorcycles. Whether he’s showcasing his vehicles or reveling in the exhilarating roar of engines at full throttle, Larry brings the same energy and excitement to the world of motorsports that he does to his paranormal investigations.

Step into Larry Flaxman’s world, where the paranormal and extraordinary are only the beginning. Join him on an unforgettable journey through the unknown, where his candid style transforms the extraordinary into a captivating and tangible adventure. Get ready to be enthralled and amazed as you explore the mysteries that lie beyond the ordinary.