Larry Flaxman





Larry Flaxman is a best-selling author and researcher on a mission to inform, empower, and entertain anyone interested in the paranormal and “fringe” science!

His books include 11:11 – The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences and Synchronicities,” The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality,” and “Viral Mythology: How the Truth of the Ancients was Encoded and Passed Down through Legend, Art, and Architecture,” Flaxman continues to write ground-breaking books on cutting-edge research that leave readers, researchers, and reviewers open-mouthed in disbelief.

Flaxman has been involved in paranormal research and field investigation for over two decades, with a focus on seeking to apply the scientific approach to unexplained events. With his experience in integrating quantum physics (particularly entanglement and the observer effect) to human consciousness via “real-time” EEG monitoring of the experiencer, Flaxman is revolutionizing the area of paranormal research. He is the President and Senior Researcher of the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST), which has grown to be one of the most prestigious paranormal research groups in the country.

Widely respected for his advances in the field, Flaxman has appeared on the History Channel’s popular show “Ancient Aliens”, the Travel Channel show “Portals to Hell”, Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” as well as the History Channel special expose “Time Beings: Extreme Time Travel Conspiracies.” 

Hundreds of radio shows around the world have featured Flaxman, including Coast to Coast AM, The Shirley MacLaine Show, The Jeff Rense Show, X-Zone Radio, TAPS Family Radio, and Paranormal Podcast.

Flaxman’s writing has appeared in TAPS ParaMagazine, Fate Magazine, New Dawn Magazine, and Phenomena Magazine as a staff writer for Intrepid Magazine. Flaxman’s expertise is frequently sought by a variety of other publications, including “The Times Herald News” and “Villager Online.”

Flaxman founded The Bridge of Compassion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between individuals in need and those with a caring heart willing to help. By providing basic human necessities, positively impacting and increasing the quality of life for the homeless and destitute. Compassion, dignity, and respect were used to deliver the message.

Flaxman is a voracious collector of all things unique; whether it’s historic antiques, medical collections, funerary objects, or the absolutely bizarre, he’s undoubtedly got it! In fact, he has one of the most extensive collections of Pre-Columbian antiquities in the country! As he clears space to create room for more, you can often find some truly cool stuff for sale in his online shop.

Flaxman’s interests span a wide range of activities. Some people enjoy fishing or stamp collecting, but he has been captivated with cars and motorcycles since he was a child and is addicted to the visceral sound and feel of a motor at redline! Larry has an impressive collection of vehicles and is frequently seen with some of them at charity events and motor exhibitions!