For the past fifteen years, one of my primary areas of focus has been on paracoustics – specifically the development, implementation and analysis of techniques to advance our abilities regarding auditory methods to communicate with the spirit world. Paracoustics is the broad term I coined to refer to both EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) which both utilize technological means in an effort to communicate. Today, paranormal researchers utilize a variety of methods and tools to capture purported disembodied voices – everything from standalone digital recorders to modified radio-based ghost/spirit boxes and custom developed software applications. In my opinion, the biggest problem with current methods is the lack of clarity.

From static filled white noise to scanning radio stations, being able to clearly discern what was said has been an issue. White noise based scanning devices (like the PSB-7 & 11) are extremely difficult to understand due to the constant “chop chop” static sound produced. As a result, real-time communication and interpretation is usually random and non-repeatable.

Ever since Frank Sumption (the creator of the Franks Boxes) gifted me with 5 different hand-built boxes, I have been on a journey to advance the technology. Expanding upon the current work of ITC researchers, I’ve been experimenting with a new ITC system (which I call SIS – or “Spirit Interface System.) I believe SIS is a significant step forward in evolution as it incorporates several new and groundbreaking ideas and technologies.

I’ll be updating this site with clips and more info on SIS, however; in the meantime I wanted to provide a few examples of EVP’s that I have captured throughout the years.