Death…is it the end?

Death…is it the end?

Are you familiar with Planck’s constant:

E = hf

If E is provided in joules and f is provided in hertz (the unit measure of frequency), then:

E = (6.626176 x 10-34) f
and conversely:

f = E / (6.626176 x 10-34)

No? Well, it describes the proportional constant between energy and frequency.

Why would you care about this? Well, our bodies contain energy. Every physical body spontaneously and continuously emits electromagnetic radiation. In fact, energy exists in every single particle of your body.

I was talking to a good friend of mine last night who recently lost his mother and I was trying to help him through the pain and anguish by explaining my beliefs (backed up by science) that death is not the end. In fact, I believe it is the beginning of a “rebirth” process of sorts.

How so? Well… Looking beyond good ‘ole Planck, we have the 1st law of thermodynamics which states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant – it can be TRANSFORMED from one form to another, but, cannot be created or destroyed.

You are energy. Everything you do is a measured energy state. If you jump up and down then touch your toes… it’s a measured energy state. If you marry or divorce… it’s a measured energy state. If you sing Justin Bieber loudly (but why would you want to?)… it’s a measured energy state. Hopefully you get the picture. If not, then I will distill it even further for you. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are all measured energy states.
These measured energy states don’t simply die when your physical body does. There truly is no such thing as “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” except when referring to the physical vessel which houses our energy.

Decoherence provides consciousness and your thoughts, actions, and emotions survive death.

If you take the time to read and absorb my quick two second diatribe then you now possess the PROOF that “something” exists after physical death of the organism. The question is “what?”

There is much, much more to the equation. Do some research into near death experiences… and reincarnation stories and make up your mind.