Why Do I Do What I Do?

Why Do I Do What I Do?

“Why do I do what I do?” On a recent radio show interview, the host asked me that question (as well as another interesting one which I will cover in a future column).

What an excellent, thought-provoking question! Why do I continue to expend significant amounts of time, energy, money, and effort in a field rife with crackpots, kooks, frauds, and “wannabees?” A field which mainstream science has traditionally looked down upon. A discipline in which one’s personal reputation, credibility, and integrity will likely be questioned and persistently under scrutiny.

Why, indeed. I’ve done quite a bit of reflective thinking about this question, and my answer may be somewhat different than you would expect. For me, my primary motivating reason is of a personal nature, and it stems from fear of my own mortality.

As we are all too aware, physical life is very short. Of course we are taught from birth that upon death one shall rejoin their loved ones who have previously passed over. But do we know this for sure? Is there scientific proof – black and white – that this occurs? Not yet… However, there is an increasing amount of experiential data pointing to this possibility (near death experiences, past life regressions, etc.).

My involvement in paranormal research stems from my own personal quest to discover undeniable scientific proof of the afterlife. Since the dawn of time, this evidence has eluded mankind. However, with the increasing availability and utilization of modern technology, I believe we are moving in the proper direction. From what we know of energy and matter, there are certain authoritative rules which (according to science) cannot be broken. Utilizing modern technology, we are able to measure and quantify things which have been previously beyond our capability.

So…my reasons may be vastly different than yours. As individuals possessing free will and consciousness, our agendas may be markedly dissimilar. Is your involvement in this field due to your curiosity of the unknown? Are you looking to explore “cool” old places? Is your motivation one of self-aggrandizing and attention getting? Money? (haha!) Whatever your impetus, it is important to stay true to your cause. Don’t be sidetracked by the aforementioned distractions (the charlatans, fakes, frauds)

I have dedicated a significant portion of my life to paranormal research because of my unerring belief that we will discover this proof. Since my involvement in this field, I have had several personal experiences which I cannot explain using traditional science. I have seen things…heard things…felt things which defy rational explanation. This is what keeps me going…my inspiration to press on…my personal motivation to slide these events on the balance sheet from “unexplained” to “explained.”

Why do you do what you do?