Media Pro? Book An Interview Now!

Media Pro? Book An Interview Now!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the half way point of 2016! It’s been an incredibly busy and productive year thus far with events, speaking engagements, radio shows, book signings, writing and other related projects, and I plan on keeping that momentum going!

Are you a media professional? Looking for a knowledgable, witty, engaging, hilarious, and all around awesome guest? I know someone who fits that bill perfectly! Me! Me! Me! I have a variety of exciting new projects in the works (as well as updates on several of my existing ones) and would LOVE to tell you all about them! 

I am booking up quickly, but, trying to fill out out my calendar for the remainder of the year and still have some availability for radio shows, speaking engagements, keynote addresses, panel discussions, book signings and events.

You can request more information and/or inquire about my availability by using the contact form here

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