Is it too late to start a YouTube Channel in 2021?

Is it too late to start a YouTube Channel in 2021?

Happy November! I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween! This is definitely my favorite time of the year!

I’ve had a few folks ask me for tips and tricks to grow their YourTube channels and that really got me thinking. Firstly, I only started my channel a few months ago and it has been so much fun! Learning about shot composition, lighting, audio, and editing has been incredibly interesting… and definitely a challenge.

The internet has changed the way we consume media. It is now common to sit down in the evening and spend anywhere between an hour to six hours watching videos on YouTube, Netflix, or other platforms. While some of us are old enough to remember when MTV was the only game in town, there is no denying that platforms like YouTube have completely turned the industry on its head.

With the increase in people who are starting their own YouTube channels, it’s no wonder that many people are interested in starting their own.

The rise of YouTube has given people the opportunity to become known and even wealthy for their videos, but does that mean it’s too late to start a new YouTube channel? Are all of the good ideas already taken? Most people think that it is too late to start a youtube channel, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The beauty of this platform is that anyone can make an account and share their passion with the world.

It’s not too late to start a YouTube Channel, yet it is important to be aware of the challenges ahead. As of 2021, more than 20 million people are on YouTube every day and 75% of the world’s population is using the internet, according to The number of daily global internet users is expected to go up by 9% in 2022.

If you are nervous about stepping out on your own, consider partnering with someone else who has experience in the field that you don’t- it will help to alleviate some of the pressure. It also helps if you have a specific goal in mind for your YouTube channel. This way, when people visit your page, they can see what type of videos they will be able to watch there.

There is no such thing as being too late to start YouTube! You don’t need a fancy camera, editing software, or clothes. All you need is a computer (or smartphone) and an internet connection. And with some creativity and persistence,  you might just be the next big thing!