Five Tips to Prepare You For Capturing Amazing EVP’s

Five Tips to Prepare You For Capturing Amazing EVP’s

Ever since the 1984 popular film Ghostbusters, which starred Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Harold Ramis as misfit paranormal exterminators desperate to toast the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, paranormal investigation and parapsychology have received increasing legitimacy as legitimate fields of study. These fields are primarily concerned with acquiring empirical data through case studies and laboratory procedures involving instruments that allegedly record “the noises of the dead,” which investigators claim are inaudible to the human ear.

While numerous articles analyze and promote equipment, I rarely see pieces that address the personal, humanistic side. I am a firm believer in doing some preliminary work to improve your chances of making contact. This, in my experience, produces the finest quality captures. Here are some rules that I personally adhere to.

Tip 1: To avoid false positives, become familiar with the characteristics of EVP voices. “To provide objective evidence that we escape physical death in our individual conscious state,” says the Association of Transcommunication (ATransC), which was created in 1982. According to ATransC, real-time, two-way discussions with the dead have been successfully recorded using various technologies as the field develops.

Tip 2: To mentally prepare for EVP work, Julia Melges-Brenner, an ordained spiritualist and editor for the online psychic journal Kajama, recommends clearing your thoughts and stating your purpose out loud. “Invoke a positive, useful experience infused with heavenly wisdom and love. Declare unequivocally that only honest, truthful, and beneficent energy will be admitted “She gives advice. “Then go ahead and do your job, expecting things to go perfectly, since the more you expect the best and relax into a high vibration, the smoother your journey will be.”

Tip 3: As you listen to your EVP recording, keep an ear out for voices that have a specific pattern, such as phrases delivered swiftly and with a “hollow” or monotone sound. ATransC notes, “EVP are sometimes received at a higher or lower time base.” “Not only is the speech faster, but the phrase frequency range is sometimes higher than regular speech.”

Tip 4: Within tenths of a second before a genuine EVP speech, listen for “precursor sounds,” such as “popping” or “clicking” noise. Listening for these noises before recording an EVP could help you get more successful results.

Tip 5: Two recorders should be set up. “It’s simple to record natural-sounding environmental sounds that occasionally sound like EVP. The issue is figuring out how to avoid confusing typical or ambient sounds for paranormal ones “ATransC recommends. Due to the frequency they employ, IC recorders have design characteristics that cause “poor fidelity voice reproduction.” EVP proponents argue that the lower quality sound reproductions of an IC recorder provide enough “internal noise” for the human ear to detect ghostly sounds.

When you use a second, higher-quality recorder, such as a digital video recorder, it captures natural and ambient sounds in the room, which may be separated from the sounds captured by the IC unit later during playback. To test the viability of the IC recording, you utilize a second recorder: If the noises on both recorders are heard during playback, you’ve probably picked up natural or ambient sounds; however, if the sounds on the IC recorder aren’t picked up by the second recorder, you’ve probably had a ghostly encounter. According to ATransC, sounds captured by two devices at the same time are not EVP.