Project Winter Warm Up!

Project Winter Warm Up!

Howdy folks! Several weeks ago I had a dream… to keep it short, in this dream, I was able to expand upon my 100 cheeseburger adventure from last June… If you were there you know how awesome that was!

In an incredible display of synchronicity, I’ll be returning to Atlanta to speak at the Atlanta Metaphysical Center on Friday evening, December 18th and figured this would be a great opportunity to provide some Christmas cheer and bring this dream to fruition.

Something that most of us likely take for granted is warmth. Think of last winter – how would you have felt without a coat or warm clothes? Protection from the elements is a basic human right and EVERYONE deserves to stay warm in the winter. Please help us help those in need by donating a warm winter coat!

We will be accepting coats in good condition to be distributed to the homeless in metro Atlanta on Saturday, December 19th. My goal is to collect and distribute 100, but, if we get more then I’m more than happy to stay out as long as necessary to ensure that every single item is given out.

We will also be collecting hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets. Search your closets, garages, and rental storage! We will take ANYTHING in good, USABLE condition that will help to keep someone warm!

If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to help out, please email

We are currently working on finalizing drop off dates and locations. Stay tuned!