Antique Sims Double Bladed Vaginal Speculum

Antique Sims Double Bladed Vaginal Speculum



Doesn’t everyone need an antique (circa 1920’s) Sims’ vaginal speculum?

The Sim’s vaginal speculum is a double-bladed surgical instrument used for examining the vagina and cervix. It was developed by J. Marion Sims out of pewter spoon,

Sims’ speculum is inserted into the vagina to retract posterior vaginal wall. It gives more exposure of the vaginal walls than Cusco’s Speculum and therefore is preferred for gynecological surgeries. it is possible to slide the instrument around the vaginal wall to enable better visualization.

The groove in the middle of Sims’ speculum allows free flow of secretions and blood to the outside, thereby keeping the area dry.

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