Haunted Antique Cabinet Card

Amazing Antique Cabinet Card Photo with Hair – HAUNTED PHOTO



Ok this is  an INCREDIBLE FIND!

Not only is this photo in amazing condition.. but, it includes a large size lock of the deceased’s hair… and… A SPECIAL BONUS…

On the back of the photo is a mysterious “trapped” ghost image that seems to be imprinted into the paper!

According to the story that I was told, the lady on the front (Mary Toby) discovered that her husband of almost 30 years was having an affair with a local woman named Jules Darwood. One evening, Mrs. Toby invited her husband’s mistress over, and in a jealous rage murdered her in cold blood.

The ghostly image on the back is alleged to be Ms. Darwood! Is it possible that the murdered woman somehow left her image on the photo?


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