Beautiful Carved Stone Death Mask

Beautiful Carved Stone Death Mask



It takes a LOT to impress me… and this thing absolutely floors me.

I’ve actually never seem anything like this! This is an absolutely gorgeous, solid stone death mask. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of hours which must have gone in to meticulously carving this bad boy.

Even the detail on the musculature is carefully crafted. This is an incredibly beautiful… and macabre display piece!

Masks of deceased persons are part of traditions in many countries. The most important process of the funeral ceremony in ancient Egypt was the mummification of the body, which, after prayers and consecration, was put into a sarcophagus enameled and decorated with gold and gems. A special element of the rite was a sculpted mask, put on the face of the deceased. This mask was believed to strengthen the spirit of the mummy and guard the soul from evil spirits on its way to the afterworld. The best known mask is Tutankhamun’s mask. Made of gold and gems, the mask conveys the highly stylized features of the ancient ruler. Such masks were not, however, made from casts of the features; rather, the mummification process itself preserved the features of the deceased.

Mask is approximately 9″ x 6″ and is quite heavy!

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