1901 Dr. Tullars Douche Kit

Vintage 1901 Dr. Tullars Vaginal Spray Douche Kit



This is an original antique, or vintage, medical / personal hygiene product for women. It was made in the early part of the LAST century, and is over 100 years old. The exterior / top of the box is marked: “DR. TULLAR’S VAGINAL SPRAY.”

Inside the box top, is an illustration of the product, as well as instructions. It reads (in part): “DR. TULLAR’S VAGINAL SPRAY DOUCHE DISCHARGES A REVOLVING SPRAY…IMPROVED and Patented Jan. 1, 1901…The Tullar Co. Manufacturers…23 UNION SQUARE NEW YORK.”

In addition, there is a separate piece of paper reading: “CHANGE OF NAME – NOTICE TO TRADE…Dr. TULLAR’S WHIRLSPRAY DOUCHE Will Hereafter Be Sold Under The Name of Dr. TULLAR’S VAGINAL SPRAY DOUCHE. This IMPROVED syringe is made ENTIRELY OF RUBBER. It has NO METAL PARTS TO CORRODE.

The whirling or rotary motion to discharge from the TULLAR, is produced by the new hard rubber BALL SHAPED TIP Patented Jan. 1st., 1901.”

(A patent date does not always indicate when the product was made, however this paper is additionally dated, “June 10th, 1901” and this seems to have been made shortly after the product name was changed, so I feel safe in saying this box and contents was made in 1901, or perhaps the following year.)

Also included in the box, is a small booklet, or catalog, of DR. TULLAR’S Vaginal Douche attachments and enema products – some 14 pages of information and illustrations of OTHER products. (Two of the pages inside the booklet were stuck together, and a bit of surface paper came up when I opened the booklet – see photo, with white near the center of the page.)

The actual product is included, and looks to be complete. (There’s even an EXTRA handle or probe, which I don’t believe goes with this kit, as it is not pictured in the booklet or box top.)

The revolutionary “Hard Rubber Ball Shaped Tip” is still attached to the end, and easily screws on & off. PLEASE NOTE: THE CREAM COLORED RUBBER BALL / GRIP and SHIELD HAVE BOTH COMPLETELY HARDENED AND ARE NOT PLIABLE.

It is amazing that they have survived intact, and with NO splits, cracks or punctures. They are slightly bent out of shape, but for the MOST part box and contents are remarkably well preserved, given that they are over 100 years old.

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