Rare WWI American Trench Knife

Rare WWI American Trench Knife – A.C. CO. USA 1917



Authentic and original 1917 AC.CO American Cutlery Company (more rare than L.F.& Co.) Trench Knife.

The Trench Knife is from WWI with green leather Jewel 1918 scabbard in mint condition.

This knife is better know as a “Knuckle Duster”. It has a D-shaped hand-guard with seven triangle shaped “Knuckles”. This knife was designed and used for the close hand to hand combat that was common in the trench warfare of WWI.

The knife is original, it is in excellent condition with 98% or better of the original bluing left. There is NO rust or pitting on the knife. It is clearly marked A.C.Co USA 1917 on the inside of the guard. The walnut handle is in excellent condition as well. Absolutely NO cracks or chips in the handle.

This is EXTREMELY RARE knife and you will likely never see another one in this condition.

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