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Everyone has to have a hobby, right? You know the old saying “All work and no play makes Larry a dull boy!” Well… it’s true!

Some people like to fish. Some like to collect stamps. Still, others like to knit. Me? Well, I’m pretty diversified – while my interests tend to shift from time to time, speed always seems to play a part in the equation. I’ve always been interested in anything that is fast… and extra bonus points if it’s LOUD!

To me, there is something inherently awesome and visceral about the sound of a motor at redline or an exhaust that is running fully open.

Outside of writing, research, and speaking, my main hobbies are motorcycles, cars, and lately I’ve started to really get into UAV (drone) flying. 

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was a little kid and have amassed quite a collection over the years. As I’ve gotten older (and have seen first hand how devastating a motorcycle accident can be), I’ve begun to scale back on the bikes and focus more on my other hobbies.

Motorcycle Links:

Harley Davidson Motorcycles – The finest motorcycles in the world
Lowbrow Customs – Very cool custom motorcycle parts
Biltwell – Custom motorcycle parts
Moon Equipment Company – The original speed shop from the ’50’s
Ducati North America – My favorite sport bike manufacturers
AMA – American Motorcycle Association
MSF – Motorcycle Safety Foundation
webBikeWorld – Excellent site showcasing hundreds of equipment reviews
Cycle World – Awesome magazine
Motorcycle.com – The original since 1994

Car Links:

Automobili Lamborghini – There is no finer exotic on the planet
Mercedes Benz – The benchmark of luxury and performance
Pressertech – The finest Mercedes tuners on the planet
Ferrari S.p.A – You know the name
duPont Registry – Go shopping!
Car and Driver Magazine
Motortrend Magazine
SCCA – The Sports Car Club of America
Porsche – Fine German engineering
Lotus – The epitome of English class

Drone Links:

DJI – my favorite drone manufacturer
FAA UAS – Federal rules/registration
AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics

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