• Exploring a Titan II Missile Base in Rural Vilonia, Arkansas

    Our Saturday adventure took a very welcomed and interesting turn. We set out to find (and hopefully investigate) one of the 18 abandoned missile silos in Arkansas. We were definitely surprised to discover that one had been converted into a beautiful airbnb! GT Hill, the owner, graciously took us...

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  • Eerie Portal Session With Lonely Spirits At Historic 19th Century Cemetery

    This was definitely a cool session! In this episode we attempt to make contact with the spirits of Martha and Gustavus Sanders. In the late 1800’s they were married on the top of the Natural Steps. Unfortunately, as was common at the time, Gustavus died from an unknown illness...

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  • Amazing EVP Capture at the Clay Baylor Cemetery in Natural Steps, Arkansas

    What an incredible EVP and Portal session that we conducted at a historic African-American cemetery in rural Natural Steps, Arkansas. The most significant findings captured were not realized until after reviewing the video… and WOW, I’m still amazed! Watch the video to see and hear the “Holy Grail” of...

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  • Quick Update – December 2020

    Hello! I truly hope you have been doing well. I know it’s been a few months since my last post, so I just wanted to check in and give a quick update. I’ll cut right to the chase. 2020 has sucked. Hard. In fact, I’d refer to it as...

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  • Four Strategies to Help You Triumph Over Adversity

    I get it… life is tough. We all have had to face difficulties in our lives. Whether it’s relationship issues, health struggles, career problems, or financial difficulties… hardship is inevitable. Having the ability to triumph over adversity is what separates the successful from the struggling. What if I told...

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  • From Failure to Success: Is Persistence The Key?

    How many times have you heard the old saying “If at first, you don’t succeed try, try again?” When Thomas Palmer penned that famous proverb back in 1840 it was initially used to encourage American schoolchildren to do their homework. Today, it is a popular metaphor used in motivational...

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Upcoming Events

all-day History Haunts and Legends Paran... @ Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center
History Haunts and Legends Paran... @ Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center
Nov 5 all-day
History Haunts and Legends Paranormal Conference - Fall Event - 2022 @ Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center | Jefferson | Texas | United States
Join me at History Haunts and Legends in Jefferson, TX this November!  Always an informative and fun event for the history buff, avid ghost hunter, and people with an interest for the unexplained and things that go bump in the night! Special guest speakers, authors, vendors, book signings, galleries, nighttime tours and investigations, and much much more.