• Paranormal Competition? WTF?

    Recently, on a national radio interview, the host asked me “How do you feel about the competition in the paranormal field?” Initially, I really wasn’t sure how to answer his inquiry. My first inclination was to ask “what competition?” To our knowledge, there is no other group with the...

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  • Why Do I Do What I Do?

    “Why do I do what I do?” On a recent radio show interview, the host asked me that question (as well as another interesting one which I will cover in a future column). What an excellent, thought-provoking question! Why do I continue to expend significant amounts of time, energy,...

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  • Aquarius Magazine Interview

    Check out this awesome interview of me that Michelle Griffin did for Aquarius Magazine. Click here!  

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  • Pseudoscience

    Pseudoscience. We have all heard the term bandied about – especially from such noted luminaries as James Randi and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSICOP). What does it mean? Is paranormal investigation considered a pseudoscience? According to that great bastion of information called Wikipedia, pseudoscience is defined as “any...

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  • Contest Winner – 03/01/15

    And the winner is… Susan Howard Congratulations! Please use the contact form and send me your shipping address so that I can get this awesome Radio Shack 12-469 “Ghost Box” in the mail to you! Thank you all for participating and subscribe to the newsletter and keep checking my Facebook...

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  • Contest! Free stuff! Ends 03/01/15!

    How would you like to win a genuine “Ghost Box?” This is a Radio Shack 12-469 which has been professionally converted to sweep both AM and FM bands in a linear manner. These “shack hacks” are very popular and a staple in every paranormal investigators toolkit. These things are...

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